Covid-19 Procedures: All Notary's are equiped with gloves, mask & faceshields. Option to meet outside available.

Professional Mobile Notary Public Services. 

Commissioned by the State of California. Bonded & Insured.
Both Notary services & educational training offered.

Avoid the wait. A Notary is available to travel to your home, office, courthouse, cafe, parking lot, or whatever place thats convenient for you.

Legal Documents

Power of attorney, marital/divorce documents, apostle, destruction certificate, driver-permit & other documents.

Adoption Forms

Power of attorney, birth/marriage certificate, affidavits, oaths, affirmation, transaction & other documents.

General Notarization

DMV, mechanic liens, medical forms, probate, wills, overseas marriage forms, towing forms & other documents.

Business Records

Transactions, contracts, goods/service sales, commercial leases, construction/ loan agreements & other documents.

Corporate Documents

Property deeds, asset transfers, construction/ loan agreements, contracts, memorandum of understanding & other documents.

Annuity Contract

Forms, certificates, acknowledgments, insurance documents and all sort of annuity related random documents.

Notaries & legal advice.

It is considered unauthorized practice of law for a non-attorney notary to give legal advice. Notaries employed as a Legal document assistant often draft or edit legal documents within the[…]

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What you will need to have your document notarized.

1.  Driver’s License, Senior State ID, Non Driver State ID,  Passport from any Country with proper entry stamps – (Very few other IDs are acceptable.)           […]

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What is a Notary Public, & what do they do?

A Notary Public is an official appointed by the Secretary of State for the purposes of preventing fraud by verifying the identity of the document signer, and confirming that they[…]

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